The roller coaster is a popular ride in amusement parks all around the world. They have been in existence for almost 500 years. The history of the roller coaster is intriguing, even though it is nothing like what we see now in most parks. The earliest is said to have been erected in St. Petersburg, Russia, perhaps in the 15th century and is known in several languages as “Russian mountains.”
Throughout history, several types of roller coasters have been designed to provide individuals with the thrill of speed while also feeling powerless as they plummet. Here are a few of them, in order of height:

3). Tower of Terror II


Queensland, Australia is home to Dreamworld Amusement Park. The Tower of Terror II roller coaster had a renovation and was re-opened in September of 2010. (TT2). The TT2 is a steel shuttle roller coaster that reaches a height of 377 feet (115m). The original Tower of Terror debuted in January 1997 and was immediately dubbed the world’s highest and fastest attraction.
The riders accelerate down the track at 100 mph in 7 seconds and are catapulted vertically to 90 degrees at the start. The passengers are subjected to a 4.5 g pull. The ride is 27 seconds long.

2). Top Thrill Dragster


The Top Thrill Dragster (TTD) roller coaster is located at Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio. It’s the first of two “strata-coasters,” with the Kingda Ka being the second. The TTD reaches a height of 420 feet at its highest point. The TT2 features a hydraulic launch, which gives riders a jolt of excitement.
The journey begins with two trains being loaded at the same time. Riders are given the impression that they are on a drag strip before the ride begins, complete with a “Christmas tree” light, motors revving, and tunes connected with drag racing, thus the ride’s theme. It accelerates from zero to 120 mph in 3.8 seconds after taking off.
As it climbs the 420 foot slope, the train reaches a 90 degree gradient and turns 90 degrees counter-clockwise. It twists 270 degrees and then flattens out. Magnetic brakes, like those on the Kingda Ka, give a smooth stop.

1). Kingda Ka


This roller coaster, which is located in New Jersey, USA, has been dubbed the world’s tallest roller coaster. Kingda Ka is a 456-foot tall roller coaster located on the grounds of Six Flags Great Adventure (139m). In September of 2004, it was initially shown to enthusiasts and the media. On May 21, 2005, it was formally opened to the public. It employs a hydraulic launch, which allows for a quicker ride with smoother acceleration than electromagnetic or catapult launches.
Kingda Ka is based on Indian mythology and is named after a golden tabby Bengal tiger. The train pulls 1.6 g’s as it speeds to 128 mph in 3.5 seconds, climbs a tower at a 90-degree angle to 456 feet, and then descends in a 270-degree right-hand spiral. It climbs a second slope that gives cyclists a sense of weightlessness before descending smoothly.

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