Do you want to attend one of the top three colleges in the world? The QS World University Rankings publishes an annual ranking of the top 1,029 institutions in the world. We’ll let you know which of them made the top three.
Just than half of the top three institutions in the world were ranked in the QS World University Rankings in 2022.
Here’s a comprehensive list of the top three universities in the world.

3). Stanford University

Stanford University was founded in 1885 and is located 30 miles south of San Francisco in California’s Bay Area. More over half of the students are pursuing advanced degrees. The institution is divided into seven schools, several of which are well regarded for graduate study. Humanities and sciences, earth sciences, and engineering are three of the schools that provide both undergraduate and graduate degrees. Only graduate-level degrees are available in business, law, education, and medicine. The academic calendar at Stanford is based on a quarter system, with English as the primary language of teaching.

2). University of Oxford

Although the precise year the University of Oxford was founded is uncertain, the school may be traced back to at least 1096. Oxford is around 60 miles northwest of London, and graduate students make up about 45 percent of the student body. As part of their education, more than half of Oxford’s graduate students perform research. Humanities, mathematics, physical, and biological sciences, medical sciences, and social sciences are all places where research takes place at Oxford. Michaelmas (autumn), Hilary (spring), and Trinity (summer) are the three terms that make up Oxford’s academic calendar. Each term lasts eight weeks. The university’s language of teaching is English.

1). Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)Β 

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is a private research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts, near Boston, that was founded in 1861. Approximately 11,000 students attend the institution, with roughly 60% of them pursuing graduate degrees. Architecture and planning, engineering, humanities, arts, and social sciences, management, and science are the five schools of MIT. At MIT, the language of teaching is English. With a four-week “Independent Activities Period” in January, the academic calendar is a 4-1-4 scheme. Undergraduate and graduate students, professors, staff, and alumni attend forums, lecture series, recitals, and other special events during this time.

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