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New Born Baby Congratulations, Wishes, Greetings, Status, Captions, Prayers and Messages For Both (Baby Girl and Baby Boy)

New Born Baby Wishes: Having a child is the most valuable thing that can happen to a family. The beloved newborn shows up with a child never decline yet develops with time. Welcome a child with warm embraces and wishes to this world since they are important and the future producer of the universe. On the off chance that you think your roses, inflatables, or any gifts missing the mark to communicate what you need to tell the child and the fortunate guardians then our good tidings are here to protect you from composing the right words on your infant cards. These infant wishes and congrats messages will make your errand simple.

I am taking this opportunity to wish you two all the joy that comes with being a new parent! This boy will be a source of your smiles forever!

New Born Baby Congratulations, Wishes, Greetings, Status, Captions, Prayers and Messages For Both (Baby Girl and Baby Boy)

  1. Hi new mom, congratulations on the safe arrival of your baby! You will soon recover from all the struggles and I wish you the best in this journey!
  2. May this little cutie be a source of your smiles for the rest of your life! Congratulations mama!
  3. Giving birth to such a beautiful girl is a blessing but few people will understand that! Be thankful for your simple blessings! Well done mama bear!
  4. Congratulations and many hugs for the arrival of your baby girl! I wish this baby will forever be happy and healthy! All the best on this journey!
  5. You now have a little star to hug and hold from today onwards! I wish you will forever find happiness with such a huge blessing!
  6. People will count on a car as a blessing, health as a blessing but few will know that giving birth safely is a huge blessing! It’s your turn to thank heaven for such a gift!
  7. Being a mother is not a simple thing! It’s actually a daunting process that will take a lot of your time! I am wishing that you will have the right energy to get through it! Congratulations and good luck on this journey!
  8. I am taking this opportunity to say ‘’welcome to this little cute baby’’! She is adorable and a perfect addition to this family!  Congratulations mama and baba Bear!
  9. From now onwards, you have to cut on the leisure and take all the attention of the newborn! Congratulations on this new miracle!
  10. This newborn baby will color your world and shine on your darkest days! I wish he will be a blessing to you and your husband! Congratulations and good luck!
  11. Today we celebrate an additional ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes on your family! This is a new and beautiful love in your life!
  12. Congratulations on adding such a lovely life to this beautiful world! I wish you joy, smiles, and love on this journey!
  13. You deserve the best for adding another blessing to the world! You deserve happiness and respect! Congratulations and I am sure you will take good care of your cute baby boy!
  14. You spent about 9 months waiting for this lovely baby! Now she’s here and we have a reason to sing and celebrate!
  15. A miracle just came into your life! This is not just an ordinary miracle! It’s actually a huge miracle made of tiny baby girl smiles and cries!
  16. We may not like everything about babies, but they are a source of bright smiles! I hope that all the troubles will now melt away in this life!
  17. We have been waiting for this baby boy for a long time! Now the long-awaited miracle has just happened! Congrats new mom and dad for delivering such a cute baby boy!
  18. No more overnight parties, No more long travels and trips and partying for weeks! Your baby has just arrived, you have to limit everything else and get all the attention to this cute baby!
  19. I am taking this opportunity to wish you two all the joy that comes with being a new parent! This boy will be a source of your smiles forever!
  20. Hello, my dearest couple please allows me to say congratulations on the arrival of your prince! He’s such a cute boy!
  21. Delivering a baby boy is a direct blessing from God! It’s your chance to prove you can be a good parent! Congratulations and God bless you!
  22. May you get joy and discover happiness in this baby girl’s life! Congratulations and good luck in your life!
  23. Becoming a parent is not such a simple affair especially if you are new to this! It’s your chance to prove you can really care for your baby boy and you can help him grow to be a great man!
  24. I don’t think there’s any tape that can measure how deeply I am happy about this baby boy! I wish he will grow to make you people proud! Congratulations on being a father!
  25. Now you have the chance to nurse your newborn baby boy! This will make you realize the real meaning of life! Congrats and good luck on this!
  26. You are now in a New Phase of life! You are not just an ordinary man, you are a father and you have to be responsible! I wish you will have all it takes to raise this boy the right way! Congratulations!
  27. Now you are in a stage where responsibility is a must and not a request! This is not the end because life will keep changing! So try your best to be the best parent ever! Congrats on finding something special and magical!
  28. A boy is so small with a heart and potential so big! This cute boy is the first step of blessings that God has prepared for you! Congratulations and good luck on your parenthood!
  29. I congratulate you for having such strength to go past the morning sickness and cravings to bring such a cute boy to life! I am also wishing you the best of luck in your life!
  30. It doesn’t matter how many years it will take to nature this boy to be a great man that can make a huge change in the world! Take the chances and you will forever be proud! Congratulations and good luck in your parenthood!
  31. May this baby’s smile last forever! I wish you will forever be laughing together! Just try your best and be a spike of happiness in his life! Congratulations and if you ever needed any help from me, please feel free to consult!
  32. This life will now be full of cheers because you have already got the source of your happiness! Congratulations on the arrival of your Baby Boy!
  33. Now that you have already become parents, you will realize that life is not a single race, it’s a race of many raps! It is a journey that can only be made beautiful and easier by such little blessings! Congratulations on this blessing and good luck on this journey!
  34. Now that you have a new Baby girl, I pray for happiness, love, and peace of mind for your entire family! Congratulations on this new Life!
  35. Congratulations on the arrival of this beautiful princess! This girl is really beautiful and the nice girl that I have ever seen!
  36. What wonderful news, this family now has a beautiful princess! I know this baby girl will be a source of your happiness! Congratulations and good luck on your parenthood!
  37. Wow! You two have finally graduated to be parents of such an attractive duchess! Congratulations and I will forever be at your service!
  38. Thank you for the message of good news and a picture of your little beautiful girl! Congratulations and good luck on this journey!
  39. This small and little baby is cute and adorable! I am very sure she will grow to be a good heart! Congratulations on the birth of such an attractive baby!
  40. Now you two are the source of happiness for this beautiful girl! Make sure you offer her everything she needs and also support her in her dreams! Congratulations and if you need anything, I will be at your service!
  41. Baby girls are their father’s best friends! This little beauty is so gorgeous and cared for! Congratulations on bringing this cute to the world!
  42. Congratulations on this little baby girl! I am taking this chance to send me loads of love and hugs for you two!
  43. We are so thankful to heaven for giving us such a wonderful little baby! This girl is indeed your blessing and the source of your smiles! I wish she will grow to be an example and a kind-hearted beautiful girl!
  44. You have an angel among you! You don’t have to fanaticize anymore about angels and dream about paradise! Just kneel down and give thanks for such a blessing!
  45. Congratulations on the birth of your cute daughter! This little girl will grow to be a source of your happiness! May she be always there for you!
  46. Today we are celebrating a couple well blessed! Congratulations darling for this cute angel! This one will grow and show you the grace of God!
  47. I am now sending love and hugs to new parents in the town today! Cheers to your new load of joy and for such a blessing!
  48. Here is a sign of God’s love for you! It’s a reminder that God has and will continue answering your prayers!
  49. This girl may look little today but she will grow to be a queen in heard and deeds! Congratulations on her arrival!
  50. We have long waited for this blessing! The cute girl is finally here! Congratulations darling for a great job!
  51. The birth of this baby girl is a blessing to you, your family, relatives, and your friends! My wish today is for this little girl to grow stronger and healthier!
  52. This is a blessing my dear ones! There are many parents trying to be part of this unsuccessfully! So be thankful and take good care of this princess!
  53. How nice is it to see you become a parent! We wish you all kinds of blessings as you try to raise the new addition to your family! Congratulations to you and your husband!
  54. New Babies bring a lot of joy and smiles, now that you have a daughter you need to show her a lot of love and care! Congratulations and good of luck!
  55. A mom so pretty, a father so handsome and now a baby that glitters like a gold chain! Congratulations you guys!
  56. Today I am wishing you all the happiness and love! Congratulations on your new Born Baby Boy!
  57. I have long been waiting for this day and it’s finally here! Congratulations on such an adorable baby!
  58. I couldn’t be happier for you than I am now after getting news of your New Born! Congratulations man and wishing you good luck in your parenthood!
  59. I am so proud of you two for choosing to embark on the parenthood journey! Congratulations on the new baby!
  60. God has finally blessed you with a cute baby Boy! I was so happy to hear that your baby boy safely arrived! Congratulations on your newborn!
  61. You have finally said goodbye to healthy sleep! Don’t take that as a punishment but as a blessing! With understanding, you are going to have a nice time together!
  62. We all understand that a baby is a huge responsibility especially to new parents like you! But I can trust you two and am sure you will handle it! Congrats on the newborn!
  63. I hope this journey of parenthood will be full of fun, love, and happiness! This baby girl will grow to be a great lady! Congrats!
  64. A newborn baby is always a blessing! What could be more exciting than seeing such a cute baby! I wish that your time as a parent will be magical and Marvelous! Congratulations on your newborn baby!
  65. What a beautiful day full of blessings! Am sure it’s a wonderful day for you as new parents! I wish that every day of your newborn will be as amazing as this!
  66. Your wonderful family has extended now! You need to prepare an additional dish for the baby and get another bed for her! I want to take this chance to wish you peace of mind, wisdom, and kindness!
  67. I am taking this chance to wish your baby a healthy, honest and happy life! Congratulations!
  68. Today is not just her birthday; it’s a day to mark the reward day! God has finally answered your prayers! I believe that your baby will grow to be a great lady!
  69. Dear new mom and dad, I take this opportunity to congratulate you on the newborn! I wish that this beautiful girl will grow to be an honorable lady and make you two proud!
  70. The birth of such a cute baby is a blessing of its kind for new parents like you! May this cute baby be a source of happiness in your life!

The excursion of labor from considering to an emergency clinic bed is exceptionally exciting and enthusiastic. The inclination you have in the wake of hearing the information on the child’s appearance or holding him/her interestingly can’t be communicated in words. What can be express is the manner by which you are happy for the guardians, for the child to brought into the world in a cheerful family. Doesn’t make any difference in case it is an infant kid or young lady, your warm good tidings can soften the core of the guardians. Try not to battle with words to tell the new family congrats on the introduction of another kid. Expectation our desires assist you with complimenting the guardians and give your all the best to the infant.

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