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Imran Khan All Quotes and Sayings

Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi
(Photo by EuropaNewswire/Gado/Getty Images)

Born: in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan, November 25, 1952
Twitter: ImranKhanPTI
Genre: LeadershipSportsPolitics

Imran Khan (complete name: Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi) is a Pakistani Political Leader, Sports Celebrity and Philanthropist. He is the originator of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital (SKMCH) and Namal Knowledge City. Khan was one of Pakistan’s best Cricket Captain. Driving his group to Victory at the 1992 World Cup. He holds the world record for taking most wickets, best bowling strike rate and best bowling normal in Test cricket by a commander. Other than his altruistic work, he is the Chairman of (PTI) Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (Movement for Justice), and Chancellor of the University of Bradford. In 2010, Khan was drafted into the International Cricket Council (ICC) Hall of Fame.

Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi was brought into the world on 25th November 1952 in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. He went to the Cathedral School Lahore and later Aitchison College. Playing for Pakistan’s public cricket crew from 1971 to 1992, and filling in as its commander irregularly all through 1982–1992. With 3807 runs and 362 wickets in Test cricket, he is one of 8 world cricketers to accomplish an ‘All-rounder’s Triple’ in Test matches. He additionally filled in as UNICEF’s Special Representative for Sports, advancing medical services and inoculation in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

“Compromise for your Dream but NEVER Compromise on your Dream.”

“Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi All Quotes and Sayings”

  1. “It is not defeat that destroys you; it is being demoralized by defeat that destroys you.”
  2. “The more you study, the more you know; how less you know.”
  3. “I have always believed that one should not be scared of losing, I think that really is the key.”
  4. “Starting a war is in our hands, it is easy. But ending a war that is not in our hands and no one knows what will happen.”
  5. “Never give up, no matter how hard life gets no matter how much pain you feel. Pain will eventually subside, nothing remains forever, so keep going and don’t give up.”
  6. “Lack of rule of law is the main reason Pakistan could not join the ranks of progressive nations.”
  7. “Are we Pakistanis, children of a lesser God? Are there one law for the west and one for us? Is our democracy supposed to be only democracy if you give us a no objection certificate?”
  8. “Compromise for your Dream but NEVER Compromise on your Dream.”
  9. “We must speak the truth if we are to be a great nation”
  10. “Crime should not pay, it must be punished. Unfortunately, in Pakistan big crimes do get rewarded.”
  11. “Leader leads people. Leader does not follow public opinion”
  12. “Holy Prophet PBUH promulgated a justice system regardless of status of people, yet in Pak the powerful easily escapes.”
  13. “Faith without wisdom and knowledge could produce bigots completely lacking in compassion and tolerance.”
  14. “There is so much debate about moderate and radical Islam but there is only one Islam.”
  15. “My Pakistanis, you have not left me alone and I promise, I will never leave you alone in she Allah”
  16. “Imran Khan asked Pakistanis of four things at the Historic Lahore Balsa. 1. We shall never lie and always speak the truth. 2. Leave our ego’s behind and only think of this Nation, there are 11 core Pakistanis living beneath poverty line. 3. We shall be brave and break the shackles of fear. 4. We have to bring Justice to this society, even if our friends and relatives do injustice, we shall be fair and bring them to Justice.”
  17. “Mothers train your children to only Speak Truth”
  18. “I felt like the Islamic scholar Muhammad Abdu (1849-1905), who said on his return from a trip to Europe to his homeland Egypt ‘I saw no Muslims in Europe but I saw a lot of Islam,’ and of his homeland ‘There are a lot of Muslims here but no Islam.”“Certain folks start playing Sindh Card despite having ravaged the life of the common Sindhi.”
  19. “Allah exalts whom he wills!”
  20. “Bravery is standing with the truth and right”
  21. “Truth is the power that will resolve our problems.”
  22. “The war on terror is the most insane and immoral war of all time. The Americans are doing what they did in Vietnam, bombing villages. But how can a civilized nation do this? How can you can eliminate suspects, their wives, their children, their families, their neighbors? How can you justify this?”
  23. “I want you all to stand like the Muslims who stood with La liana Olalla for Truth and Right”
  24. “Say goodbye to the IMF once and for all as the IMF’s conditions enriches the rich and impoverishes the poor.”
  25. “Good deeds must be rewarded by the system and crimes be punished – this is the essence of meritocracy.”
  26. “There are greater goals in life than material and sensual pleasures”
  27. “Prophet (PBUH) considered the ink of a scholar to be holier than the blood of a martyr.”
  28. “Ethnic-based politics is being used to exhort people, to serve own ends – this is anathema to concept of nationalism.”
  29. “When you remove the concept of reward and punishment on merit, the result is the utter destruction of social Fabric.”
  30. “I wanted to be an outstanding player that was my ambition.”
  31. “When I announced my party, Tehreek-e-Insaf (Movement for Justice) on 25 April 1996, I had lost all fear of dying.”
  32. “A condemned poor man, if steals to feed his starving kid, is slammed into prison. Contrast this to a rich man’s crime.”
  33. “Faith should be about encouraging all that is noble in a human being.”
  34. “Leader follows his ideology, Leader does not follow his relatives and friends”
  35. “Imran Khan says ‘End your ego, think of nation”
  36. “The Pakistani government is keen to bring about a revolution in Baluchistan through projects of infrastructure and human development.”

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