Good Night Quotes, Sayings, Wishes, Greetings, Status, Captions, Prayers and Messages For Mother

Good night Wishes for Mother: Mom (Mother) the supernatural word on the planet. The individual whom we adored significantly more than some other thing on the planet. The name that is everything. In the event that we love and deal with our mother entire life however it will be adequately not. We as a whole think about the affection for our mother and we effectively can see it. Download Good night Wishes for Mother and Good Night Mom Quotes from here..

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“Good Night Quotes, Sayings, Wishes, Greetings, Status, Captions, Prayers and Messages For Mother”

1.    ! Best friend and mother total package all in one, that’s what you are and more MOM! I know you hold out well, you are strong that you’re so rare! I hope your day was not too stressful? Sweet dreams tonight mom and make sure to take care of you!

2.    ! Because I can’t be there to heat up water for your bath, to massage your feet so you can be relaxed and to tuck you in so you can have a sound sleep, I want to say good night MOM and sleep tight! Let the angels keep you safe and hold you through the night!

3.    It’s been a long and maybe stressful day for your MOM and you just have to let her know that you’re thinking of her and you wish her a good night rest ahead!
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4.    ! Its night time and I’m here wishing that you’re here with me mom so I can hold you close as I go to sleep! How was your day MOM? I hope you’re not too tired? Make sure to take care of you and have a good night rest!

5.    ! You are the piece that perfectly fits into my life puzzle, what could I have been without you MOM? Nothing will make me feel otherwise! I just pray that you have a wonderful night rest ahead hand in hand with a sweet dream!

6.    ! I know what it feels like to be loved completely and thoroughly, that’s thanks to you MOM! You’ve made so many sacrifices, many decisions that best describes you as the best of mothers! Thanks for all you do my MOM, always! Make sure you get a good rest tonight! Sweet dreams!

7.    ! My life would have meant nothing if you weren’t my mother, I’ll be incomplete if it wasn’t for you! You are my pride always and forever mother! How was your day? I wish you a good rest tonight and sound sleep!

8.    ! Dear MOM, this is me wishing you a very good night rest and sweet dreams because you’re my mother and you have the best no matter what! Have a stress-free day tomorrow!

9.    ! It’s night time and my being from above is set to have a very good rest! How was your day mom? Please take good care of you, even if I can’t be there to give you a hug! I love you always MOM, sleep tight!

10.                       ! I could go on and on about how you should take care so that you can rest well tonight but it doesn’t really make sense because you have always known how best to take care of not just yourself but me your child! In all, I wish you a very relaxed sleep tonight!

11.                       ! Let me seize this MOMent to remind you of how awesome you are and how you’re the best mother around! Thanks for all of that love! I wish you a great night rest my divine blessing sent from above! Good Night MOM!

12.                       ! Let me remind you to remove all those tensions and sleep peacefully, MOM! You’ve done your best for today, now leave the rest to the one that blesses one’s efforts! Make sure you get a good rest, that’s what you really need right now! Good night MOM!

13.                       ! You’re not just a mother to me, you are my all! I could always run to you anytime I want to and that’s a real blessing to me! You’ve done well today again MOM, now its fine for you to get a well-deserved rest! Take care of yourself and sleep tight

14.                       ! Hey, MOM! The excitement in my head and stomach even when I say this is more than I want to start expressing! I just want you to know tonight and again that I love you without boundaries MOM! Make sure to have a good night ahead!

15.                       ! We’ve fought, argued, laughed, cried with each other, held each other’s hands, listened, screamed on each other but the truth is no matter what, nothing can break our bond and love! I wish you a good rest ahead, sweet dreams to you!

16.                       ! You are one person who’s strength and resilience level awes me at all times, what would I have done without you? Without your love and all? I hope you’re not too stressed today? Please make sure you rest well! Good night and sweet dreams MOM!

17.                       ! I could do everything and still do more for you MOM; you’re worth all of that! Thank you for always being my open door! I love you, mother and I wish you a good night rest!

18.                       ! Do you want to know how important you are in my life? Well, I’m not sure I could get the right words to express our but I’ll never let a day go by without reminding you that you are more than precious to me! How was your day mother? Make sure you’re well tucked in for the night so that you can have a sound sleep

19.                       ! There are not enough words in the world to ascribe to the qualities of an amazing mother! Every day, I pray to God to keep keeping you for me because you s deserve to do the fruits of those labors! Have a great night rest MOM!

20.                       ! You deserve to get a good night sleep without having to worry or be tension-end about anything! Nothing will ever equate the happiness I get from the knowledge that you’re my mother every day! Good night Mom, sweet dreams too!

21.                       ! I know you have to get up early tomorrow, and I’m sure you’re in bed already right now! Don’t forget to say a word of prayer for me like you always do! Have a good night rest mother!

22.                       ! I’ve always enjoyed your attention and love, if anything, I’m sure you know that I can barely survive without these! You’re worth about the priceless gems MOM, and I love you too much! Now, get a good night rest, one that you really deserve and wake up as stronger as ever in the morning!

23.                       ! It’s been a long day for you that I’m very sure of! I just hope you’ll be able to rest well and relax your body before the morning dawns and you’ll have to be up and about again! Sleep tight MOM and don’t let the bugs bite!

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25.                       ! Whether you’re far or near, I’ll always hold you close and dear to me! My love for you is a never-ending mother! The best mother in the whole wide world, that’s who you are! Sleep tight and dream sweet MOM!

26.                       ! Friends, colleagues, partners, neighbors, business associate they’re all ready to replace but no one can ever be compared to you, mother and none can replace you!

27.                       ! I look into three mirrors every day and I see you in me! You’re strength, wit, wisdom, perseverance and beauty of course! Dearest MOM, you’ve done a great job rising me well and this daughter is ever proud of you! Tonight again, I just want to wish you sweet dreams!

28.                       ! I’ve got a MOM who makes heads turn when she steps into any room with her humor, carriage, wit and beauty! All these I got from you and I can say that I’m doing quite well! God bless you so much mom, I wish you a good night rest ahead!

29.                       ! I smile bright and do well as a woman because I’m your daughter! People wonder not only at how I’m able to do all I do but also how I’m able to do them all, well! You’re my secret MOM, always and forever! Let me blow you kisses for the night! Sleep tight!

30.                       ! On days that I felt I couldn’t do it you’re always there to make sure that I get the motivation and courage to go ahead with it thanks for everything, you do for me, MOM! I love you always! Hope you’re good tonight? Sleep tight and sweet dreams!

31.                       ! The smile that is always plastered on my face is mainly because you’re the mother of this woman that’s doing so well! I wish that you’ll have a good rest ahead tonight, you deserve as much as that! Good night my darling mother!

32.                       ! As you go to sleep tonight, may you have a good night rest, when you wake in the morning may your smiles never dim and the sparks in your life never die! Thank you for being the best of mothers to me, good night, Mom!

33.                       ! Every day, I pray that when I wake in the morning, I’ll be as strong and courageous as you’ve always been! I am always glad that you’re my mother! Good night, sleep tight and sweet dreams my dearest mother!

34.                       ! As you go to sleep, I pray that every storm in your mind all through the day will be can right now, you deserve to have a peaceful sleep and you’ll definitely get that tonight! Sleep soundly, mom!

35.                       ! The years you’ve spent to raise me, the stress you’ve had to go through, the worries you’ve been in and the fears that have threatened to overwhelm you will all be gone with this night! Thank you for all you do mother! Have a good night rest, and be sure that I love you!

36.                       ! Some days you come home so tired, exhausted and completely worn out! On such days, I pray silently in my heart that you deserve to be taken care of amazingly! May God bless your entire efforts MOM; I’ll work hard to put more than enough smiles on your face! Good night Mom, have a good rest!

37.                       ! Even if the days are long, I’m very sure that the coming years are short and might not be enough for me to take care of you as much as you deserve! But I promise to do my best of it! Have a sound sleep and a good rest MOM!

38.                       ! Hey MOM, do you remember how you usually tuck me in bed gently but definitely lovingly? Well, memories of those times flooded my heart tonight and I had to hold myself from screaming I want my mummy! Out loud! You’re my superwoman always; make sure you remember that as you go to sleep! Have a nice night mother!

39.                       ! The security and comfort I got from you in my formative years have formed an amazing foundation for my confidence now! Thanks for all you do MOM, I love you always, never doubt that! Make sure you get enough rest tonight! Sweet dreams!

40.                       ! Growing up, you’ve scared monsters and bus away from my bed so I could get a good night sleep! Now, it’s my turn to do so so that you can have a peaceful night rest, you deserve it already! Have a sweet and chill night ahead mother!

41.                       ! As you go to sleep tonight MOM, my prayers are that your smiles never fade away and that you’ll get a good rest for all of your labours this night! Sweet dreams MOM!

42.                       ! You work so hard every day that you deserve not just a good night rest, but a proper tender loving care even till forever! I’m working hard right now to make that happen! But for now, let me blow you kisses for a good night and pray that you sleep well! Night, Mom!

43.                       ! Go to sleep MOM and pray that every of your sweetest dreams will come true! You already know how much I miss and love you! Have a good night rest and peaceful sleep my dearest mother!

44.                       ! One assurance I’ve got and that keeps me going is the awareness that even if I am at my worst, at the end of each day and its troubles, you will always be there for me; sweetest dreams to you, my sweetest MOM!

45.                       ! Do you know what the greatest gift you gave to me is? It is the gift of being your son and for the endless love you give to me now and always! I can’t trade you for any woman mother, always remember that! Goodnight, my mom!

46.                       ! Even in the darkest of times and days, your smiles is the light that brightens all dull MOMents up! Dearest MOM, may you never lose your sparkle, ever! Have a good night rest mum! Remember that you’re the best always!

47.                       ! Many women have done well but you, my mother, excels them all! That’s the power and the talent of a great woman! I can boldly say that every strength I express today I got them all from you! You’re the real definition of an ideal woman! Goodnight and sweet dreams, MOM!

48.                       ! More precious than diamonds and priceless jewels is the mother-son bond that we share! Our love is as endless as the universe, I’m sure you know that already! I wish you a good night rest sweet mother!

49.                       ! I’ve prayed already did you that all your stress and worries will be laid to rest as you put your head down and get you a peaceful sleep! Now, get set to let the sweet dreams roll in! Good night mummy!

50.                       ! Now it’s time to wish Goodnight and sweet dreams to the greatest woman in the world, which of course are you, my mother! I love you and I can’t wait to be able to take good care of you as much as I want to and as much as you deserve!

51.                       ! Each day as I wake, I have just one wish and it is that I should grow to be the kind of human that you are today! You inspire always MOM and I’m always proud that you are my MOM! Goodnight mom!

52.                       ! As the day spins and moves on, as the time comes and goes, as seasons changes and return just one thing is constant and that is you will always and forever be my MOM! Have a good night rest mother, sweet dreams to you!

53.                       ! To me, you’re the most influential, powerful and definitely beautiful woman in the world because you’re my mother and nothing beats that, ever! I wish you a good night rest MOM!

54.                       ! You know I can never get tired of telling you how much I love you and you’ve been more than a blessing to me! Thanks for all you do mother, for all those sacrifices! There’s nothing that could be enough to today you but trust me that I’ll love and take care of you as much as I can! But then, let’s start with a warm good night wish and kisses!

55.                       ! I wish you dreams that are as peaceful and beautiful as the blooming flowers in the awe striking spring sun! I know your bones may be tired and weary are all the stress of today that’s why I wish that you’ll wake up renewed, refreshed and as strong as yesterday! Good night MOM!

56.                       ! Whenever you want to feel down because you’re not sure of how it’s all going, remember that the heavens gave you a son that’s worth more than earthly treasures because that’s what I am MOM, and it’s all thanks to you! Make sure you have a good night rest tonight, I love you, MOM!

57.                       ! By chance, I got you as a mother, but by my choice, you’re my life best friend and I’ll cherish our relationship forever! I hope my wishes get to you before you sleep, Sweet dreams, MOM!

58.                       ! My earnest prayers are that your dreams will bring to you the same amount of joy, comfort and happiness that you have made available for me throughout the years! You’re the best MOM, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! I love you and I wish you a good night rest!

59.                       ! Inside and out you’re sweet, strong and utterly selfless! You are the light that I look forward to even on stormy days! I’m more than blessed to have you as my mother, I pray that you’ll reap the fruits of all your labors and very soon at that! Goodnight and sweet dreams my baby girl!

60.                       ! I’m sure you know but now that no woman is taking your place in my heart, the woman I’ll be marrying is definitely going to be another child to you! Tonight, like every other night, I am here wishing you a good night rest MOM! Sweetest of dreams to my baby girl!

61.                       ! You know what they say about the strong woman behind a successful man? You’re my own strong woman, my MOM and my life’s manager! I pray for you from my heart that you will live long so that you can get the rest you deserve from all of your efforts! Good bless you always MOM, I wish you a good night ahead!

62.                       ! Most blessed among women, that’s who you are mummy! You are worth more than pearls or rubies! My best friend, my confidant, in fact, the sweetest mother in the universe, that’s who you are, MOM! I hope you’re in already and getting set for the night? Sweet dreams ma!

63.                       ! To the one who tucks me into sleep every night, the one who keeps wake when I’m restless overnight, the one sweet woman my life has known right from infancy to now, I love to so much! I wish you a good night rest and sweet dreams MOM!

64.                       ! Tonight is one of those nights that I miss you terribly, that I wish I’m back to being a child that you tuck in safely for the night, that I just want to scream out loud that I want my Mom so badly! I just wish you’re here MOM! No matter how far away you are, I love you and I’ll always hold you in my heart! Good night and sweet dreams my MOM!

65.                       ! Butterfly kisses and warm hugs are part of what I’m sending enclosed with my love to you tonight! I hope you’re not too stressed out today? Make sure to get a good night rest and sound sleep before you step out again tomorrow! Good night MOM!

66.                       ! No matter how far away I am from you, you’re my one and only mother that I cannot exchange for all the wealth in the world! Kisses to you, MOM! Good night and sleep tight!

67.                       ! I hope no one got on your nerves today and nothing got you upset? Because I can’t bear to hear that you’re upset or angry! How was work today? Make sure to get an early sleep so you can wake tomorrow very refreshed! Good night my Mom!

68.                       ! You’ve always been there for me all of my life! I’ve always got your strengths to lean on and you love to guide me always that even though I’m far from you, you’re still right here, in my heart! I’m sending you sweet hugs to help you have a good sleep tonight MOM, sweet dreams to you!

69.                       ! Not all heroes dorn cape, not all of them carry shining swords, you’re my hero forever mother! I love everything you stand for with me! As you sleep tonight, I pray that your dreams be sweet and bring you the strength for tomorrow! Nice night, MOMmie!

70.                       ! I just want to remind you that you should not carry any of your worries to your sleep, I’m here to do that for you! Just rest and dream of sweet things MOM! I wish you a good night rest with all of my love!

71.                       ! There’s no place like home truly and with you, that’s where my home is! I wish I could be there this MOMent so I can be sure you’re getting all the rest you need! This is me thanking you for being the best mother to me always! Goodnight mom!

72.                       ! It’s night time, I hope you will get more than enough rest tonight MOM? How are you doing today and how was your day? I can’t wait to hear all of the gists when I’m back home! But then make sure you take good care of you for me! Good night my girl!

73.                       ! There’s a reason the night falls every day after all of the stress of the day! It’s so that my MOM can get very good sleep, of course, you need it for your beautiful body and face! Take care of you MOM and see you soon! Good night ma!

74.                       ! Dear mum, tonight again, I just want to say thank you for being more than just mother to us! I appreciate your love and sacrifice always! Thank you for all you do! I wish you a good night rest filled with sweet dreams ma! Good night to you!

75.                       ! You have done so well as a mother to all of your children! Your sons and daughters call you blessed already, all that remains is that you relax and enjoy every fruit of your labour! We love you, MOM, always! Wishing you a good night rest!

76.                       ! It’s time again to go to bed, time to sit back and take account of the day and all it came with! I pray that as you go to sleep, all your queries will be gone before morning time! I wish you a good night rest MOM!

77.                       ! Thank you for all you do for us in this family, thank you for being an amazing mother! We love you so much and we pray that your strength never wane! I wish you a wonderful night rest mom! Sleep tight!

78.                       ! You can go to bed now with the fulfilment of someone who’s touched and impacted lives positively! God bless you now and forever MOM, may you real the fruits of all your labours! I wish you a good night rest!

79.                       ! In this world, there’s no love that is as strong as the love of a mother! You came into my life and made it all so easy! Thanks for allowing me to become a part of you, for always showering me with enormous love! Good night Mom, I wish you a restful sleep and dreams!

80.                       ! I don’t let each day pass by without saying thanks to God for giving you to me as a mother! You’re an exceptionally beautiful woman, in and out! You’re a mother in the real sense! Thank you, MOM, always! I wish you a nice night ahead!

81.                       ! You’re an exceptionally awesome mother, unique beyond measures! Even if you’re not always here with us and it might send that I’m too busy to show it, I want you to know that I love you dearly and nothing will ever change this fact! I wish you a wonderful night rest ma!

82.                       ! Ever since I met you, I’ve always learnt a thing or two from you! It is you who taught me to be a better person than I’ve always been! Thank you, MOM, for always being there MOM, thank you for everything! Have a good night rest!

83.                       ! My deepest prayer is that one day, I’ll become just like you! You’ve influenced me in several ways that I look forward to seeing you and hearing from you always! Thank you so much, my mother, in love! May God bless you and give you a wonderful sleep tonight!The love you gave me was just adorable! I couldn’t find anyone with whom i can compare your love is the best MOM in the world! Good night MOM!

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