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Diamond Jubilee 60th Wedding Anniversary Wishes, Greetings, Messages and Captions

60th Anniversary Wishes: A couple’s 60th wedding anniversary is an astounding accomplishment. Known as the jewel anniversary, it is an achievement few figure out how to meet. That’s the reason at whatever point a couple oversees a particularly astonishing accomplishment, a festival is especially all together. Whether it’s a party, cozy supper or dream get-away, the vast majority mark their 60th wedding anniversary with an arranged occasion. It is suitable to make a message to say “cheerful 60th anniversary” on a particularly promising event, since most loved ones participate with warm wishes for the superb couple. The phrasing ought to pass on your deference, regard, and love for them. All things considered, this is not something that happens each day.

Wishing you both a happy 60th anniversary! It’s been a pleasure to watch you grow from strength to strength as a couple over the years!

Diamond Jubilee 60th Wedding Anniversary Wishes, Greetings, Messages and Captions

  1. Wishing you both a happy 60th anniversary! It’s been a pleasure to watch you grow from strength to strength as a couple over the years!
  2. You’re an inspiration to us! Your courage in the face of adversity has taught us how to face our own challenges! Happy anniversary!
  3. To the happy couple on your 60th anniversary! These days, loyalty and faithfulness are not as common as they should be! Your example to us is admirable!
  4. We love spending time with you as you’re such a special couple! Your commitment to one another gets stronger with each passing day! Happy 60th wedding anniversary!
  5. As your friends, we’ve seen you struggle and conquer so many challenges together! You’re a formidable team! Your love for each other powers through whatever life puts in your way! Happy 60th anniversary!
  6. You’re two halves of the same whole! Inextricably linked, you’re the epitome of true love and marriage! Happy 60th anniversary!
  7. When I think back to the times when we were young, you were so much in love! It seemed too good to be true! But it wasn’t simply true, it was forever! Congratulations on your 60th wedding anniversary!
  8. To Mom and Dad on your 60th wedding anniversary! Growing up with you as my parents, I was lucky enough to get to see what true love really is! Have a wonderful day together!
  9. As a teenager, I dreamed of finding the love of my life, settling down and being together forever! That dream was fueled by the reality of seeing what an amazing couple you are! Happy 60th anniversary!
  10. To the amazing team, my Mom and Dad! You’re such an incredible couple! I know you drive each other a bit crazy every so often! But I also know that the bond you share is real and true, and forever! Happy 60th anniversary!
  11. Not many kids get to wish their parents a happy 60th anniversary these days! I’m one of the lucky few, and I count myself as blessed in this regard!
  12. I can’t begin to picture my life without the constant of your love for each other being the center of it! I hope you have a very happy 60th anniversary!
  13. The way you’ve honored that commitment and never given up on each other is so admirable! Happy 60th anniversary!
  14. What a gift to grow up in a home filled with the love you have for each other! Best wishes for a very happy 60th anniversary!
  15. I know it can’t have been smooth sailing all these years! Your love for one another has carried you through many difficult times together! Congratulations on this special anniversary!
  16. I hope you know how proud I am to call you my parents! The relationship you have with one another has taught me so much and inspired me greatly! Wishing you a happy 60th anniversary!
  17. I hope you two have many more years together as a couple! Your dedication to each other has shown me the meaning of true love!
  18. To my lovely grandparents! I have always wondered what the glue was that held you together as a couple! As I grew older, I realized it contained one very simple ingredient – love! Have a happy 60th anniversary!
  19. Having experienced the love you have for each other, I’ve been more blessed and privileged than I thought possible! Happy 60th wedding anniversary!
  20. I love watching you when you see each other after a while! Your faces light up when you get to be in each other’s company! That’s so special to me!
  21. You’ve walked each step of it together and created a wonderful life for all of us!
  22. I hope I’m as lucky as you are and get to spend 60 years married to my true love! I’m so glad I get to spend such a special occasion with two such special people – my grandparents! Happy 60th anniversary!
  23. Silver gone, so did gold, Now with the diamond, great happiness you unfold! Happy wedding anniversary!
  24. Today when your marriage turns sixty, I wish you walk together till eternity! Happy wedding anniversary!
  25. Celebrate Sixty years of your married life, Cut this beautiful cake with knife! Happy wedding anniversary!
  26. Thirty good lucks and good wishes thirty, This would make your marriage a perfect sixty! Happy wedding anniversary!
  27. Your marriage has completed fifty plus ten, Good luck and wishes for you again! Happy wedding anniversary!
  28. Your relation is as precious as diamond, Just like a flourished island! Happy wedding anniversary!
  29. Just forty more for a century, Hope you complete it with wonderful memories! Happy diamond wedding anniversary!
  30. Your marriage has completed six decades, You still rule each other’s heart, just like the ace of Spade! Happy diamond wedding anniversary!
  31. Kids and their kids you together have seen, And always lovingly together you have been! Happy diamond wedding anniversary!
  32. Your marriage radiates energy just like a diamond does, It was your energy and love that made you come out of all the fuss!1 Happy diamond wedding anniversary!
  33. After 60 years of marriage you still look so confident, I guess it is because you have together faced situations that were turbulent! Happy diamond wedding anniversary!
  34. Even after sixty years, your marriage still looks fresh, You have made us believe that the soul is just one, the difference is just the flesh! Happy diamond wedding anniversary!
  35. All wedding anniversaries are special, but this one is extraordinary! You’re such a wonderful couple, and we’re proud to be part of your family!
  36. Of all the special occasions we’ve shared with you, this one will stand out forever! Congratulations, and best wishes for a happy 60th anniversary!
  37. When I see you together, I’m reminded of how very much in love you were when you got married! That love has grown stronger over the years you’ve spent together! Happy 60th anniversary!
  38. With a single look, you say so much to each other! The way your eyes light up when you see each other is a beautiful sight to behold! Happy 60th wedding anniversary! Congratulations to you both!
  39. When I think of what a marriage should be, I immediately picture both of you! The bond you share is so special and unique! Congratulations on 60 years of wedded bliss!
  40. I’m sure it wasn’t moonlight and roses throughout the past 60 years! But the way you’ve chosen to love and support each other through thick and thin is a powerful message to me! Love does conquer all! Happy 60th anniversary!
  41. We’ve enjoyed watching you grow as a couple during your marriage! You’re a powerful unit, a force to be reckoned with! Wishing you a very happy 60th anniversary!
  42. No words can truly express how humbled we are to be friends with such a special couple! You place each other above yourselves time after time! That’s true love! Happy 60th wedding anniversary!
  43. In completing sixty years, you now take pride, Of how you have come so far having a beautiful ride! Happy diamond wedding anniversary!
  44. Just like the diamond your marriage is crystal clear, And till date, to each other, you stay so dear! Happy diamond wedding anniversary!
  45. Creativity and love is still alive in you, Thus, today I get a chance to wish Diamond wedding anniversary to you!
  46. Love and honesty you always maintained, And from helping each other you never refrained! Happy diamond wedding anniversary!
  47. Love is still young even if the hair have grew grey, May all your wishes come true, this is what I pray! Happy diamond wedding anniversary!
  48. Diamond in found in coal mines, And a relation comes all the way till 60 years fighting together the odd times! Happy diamond wedding anniversary!
  49. Marriage is the strongest relation, today I have learnt, And all the misconceptions regarding it I have burnt! Happy diamond wedding anniversary!
  50. Love, loyalty and loads of fun, Hope you have this life for all the years to come! Happy diamond wedding anniversary!
  51. 60 years of memories Since you both said I do, You’ve shared the ups and downs of life And saw your dreams come true, Congratulations to you both Hope you have a fabulous day, May every new tomorrow Be as happy as today!
  52. Shine like a Diamond! When you two are in the room, you shine like a diamond, are as warm as a diamonds light, as cool as a diamonds facet, and as brilliant as any diamond I have seen! Congratulations on your Diamond Wedding Anniversary!
  53. Many years have passed us by I often think and wonder why we’re so lucky to have each other To our children you’re a wonderful mother! As my wife I couldn’t choose better I still have your very first letter you gave to me on our first date You definitely are my beautiful soul mate! Happy Diamond Anniversary!
  54. 60 years together How wonderful that is It shows that Diamonds are for always 60 years is a Diamond Day Which will be for always in memories for you Have an absolutely wonderful Anniversary and enjoy Your Always Day!
  55. Somewhere there waited in this world of ours for one lone soul, another lonely soul – Each chasing each through all the weary hours, And meeting strangely at one sudden goal; Then blend they – like green leaves with golden flowers, Into one beautiful and perfect whole – And life’s long night is ended, and the way Lies open onward to eternal day!
  56. Very few couple reach the Diamond date, So in honour of your 60th year, It’s time to celebrate! So raise a glass to each other, A toast to love and to life, For a wonderful thing happened, 60 years ago, When you became husband and wife!
  57. Diamonds have their sparkle, That can be seen from every view! But these years we’ve had together Will always shine on through!
  58. On your Diamond Anniversary All the diamonds in the world Cannot outshine the diamonds you found When you found each other! Happy Anniversary!
  59. So we send our congratulations, with love and so much pride, because your love is special as you stand each day side by side!
  60. We send you all our love on this very special day Sixty years of giving happiness, love and loyalty to each other must not go unmarked! We wish you many more years of love and good health together! CONGRATULATIONS!
  61. I hope that we will never part I’ve loved you since we met You have a place within my heart My love, you won’t regret!
  62. All the best on your 60! Wedding day! I hope you two will have a lot more years to come
  63. He is the boss and she lets him believe it – that’s the real secret behind a successful marriage which lasts 60 years already!
  64. 60 years together I hope you got a Diamond or two on this special day we wish you all the very best wishes for your special Anniversary!
  65. Sixty Years of marriage How Special That Is Diamonds are forever they say and Your Love Will last forever Have a very Happy Anniversary!
  66. That magical number 60, Is special to both of you! It shows the love and commitment, That sparkles loud and true! We wish you a Happy Diamond Anniversary!
  67. On our diamond anniversary with silver in our hair just remember all our memories and let me take you there!
  68. how the years have flown by for you pair of lovebirds still as much in love as you ever were! heres to you two on your sparkling occasion!
  69. Congratulations on this your special day, sixty happy years together, so we send this card to say all love, health and happiness, not just today but forever!
  70. Because you’re both so special, I hope your day holds in store! Many happy hours that overflow, With all you`re wishing for! And hope the days that follow it, Make up a year that brings, everything that you deserve, Full of happy happenings! Happy Diamond Wedding Anniversary!
  71. Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary I hope you have a Diamond Day!! With Lots of Love!
  72. I wish you all the best on your 60! Wedding anniversary! If I get married I hope for such a successful marriage as you have had it for the past 60 years!
  73. On this your special anniversary, which is shared by the two of you, 60 years of wedded bliss, since the day you said i do, 60 years of memories, again shared by you two we raise a glass of happiness, to congratulate both of you!
  74. All the best wishes for this special anniversary! Your love seems to be as solid as a diamond!
  75. You got married 60 years ago and the party is still going on! All the best for your diamond wedding!
  76. Now you two have reached that special day seen only by a few you celebrate sixty years together now it’s diamonds from me to you!
  77. You’re more special to me than a world of wealth I couldnt be happy with anyone else Happy Diamond Anniversary!
  78. Have a Happy Diamond Wedding A day that’s filled with fun And remember 60 years ago When two became one!
  79. Congratulations on being Married for 60 Years You are a Wonderful Couple and hope that on this your Diamond Wedding Anniversary you have a Diamond Day!
  80. We wish this lucky couple lots of health, luck and success on your 60! Wedding Anniversary!
  81. And they said it would never work Guess they were wrong! Best Wishes and Congratulations on your Diamond Wedding Anniversary!
  82. Diamonds are forever Oh yes this is true 60 years ago We both said ‘I do’ Loving your Forever Has been nothing but pleasure To my darling Husband I love you more than ever Happy 60th anniversary with special love!
  83. 60 years you have been wed It’ll never last was often said Congrats to you both I want to say And Happy Anniversary Day!
  84. The secret for a long and happy marriage seems to be lifted because you two have been married for 60 years now! All the best for your diamond wedding!
  85. The seasons come and the years pass by But love will always stay And you two have the sweetest gift of all, A Diamond Wedding Day!
  86. Sixty years together, your diamond anniversary, we hope your day is special in each and every way!
  87. Married for 60 Years With not many tears Only tears of Joy You are an example Of How love and communication Can last so long Please have a Very Happy Wedding Anniversary!
  88. I am sending you 60 hugs for your diamond wedding! May lots of years full of luck, healthiness and happiness will follow!
  89. A perfect couple in so many ways You’ve been Husband and Wife for 60 years You were always meant to be together Then, and now, and for the rest of your days! Happy Diamond Wedding Anniversary!
  90. Congratulations to you both It’s an extra special day, This card is sent with so much love On this your Diamond Wedding Anniversary!
  91. Diamonds are forever, our congratulations we send, to be married forever, is a wonder it is said, we wish you such happiness for all that is left and hope for more diamonds for your future ,you pair Happy diamond Anniversary!
  92. 60 years you’ve been together, and you’re still the best of friends, you’re both a pair of diamonds with a pure love that will never end!
  93. A Diamond sparkles like the twinkle of love in your eyes as you gaze at each other! 60 years of love is rare, so we all congratulate you, on this wonderful day of celebration!
  94. Today you share your memories which only a diamond wedding could bring, all the years of wedded bliss since the day you exchanged rings and vows!
  95. It’s said Diamonds are girls’ best friend As we have been together for so long I hope I am now your best friend You are my love, my life, my mate You are my best friend forever And trust no other, I love you so much HAPPY DIAMOND ANNIVERSARY!
  96. Diamonds are forever or so people often say And you the happy couple can certainly prove them right! We wish you a wonderful celebration And a day that is special and bright!
  97. Congratulations on your 60th anniversary! Wishing you a wonderful day!
  98. Reaching 60 years together is amazing and a real special achievement! Wishing you all the best for another 60 more!
  99. I can’t believe it’s been 60 years! The time has just flown by! Congratulations!
  100. You both epitomize love, and you have 60 years of evidence to prove it! Best wishes for your anniversary!
  101. Congratulations on your anniversary! Sixty years of love and happiness and still going strong!
  102. Happy diamond anniversary! Here’s going you have a lovely day and maybe get a diamond or two!
  103. You are the perfect example of a happy marriage! Congratulations and best wishes on your 60th anniversary!
  104. You’ve been through thick and thin together and weathered every storm! Now, after sixty years that bond is still as strong as ever! Congratulations and happy 60th anniversary!
  105. Very few reach 60 years together, you should be proud! Congratulations and all my best for many more happy anniversaries to come!
  106. Congrats and big hugs for reaching a huge milestone! 60 years is a long time! Happy diamond anniversary!
  107. Best wishes for your 60th anniversary! Hope you have a great day and enjoy all the fuss and attention!
  108. What’s your secret!? We are all dying to know because 60 years of marriage is no mean feat! All the best for a lovely anniversary!
  109. I hope you make some wonderful memories today and look back on the many that have gone before them! My best wishes on your anniversary!
  110. Even after all these years you’re still the best of friends! What an incredible couple you are and I’m so pleased to be able to wish you a very happy 60th wedding anniversary!
  111. My best wishes for a happy diamond anniversary! It’s a special achievement and one we are all so impressed by!
  112. You are the couple we all look up to, the ones we hope to be like after 60 years! It’s a truly amazing accomplishment to reach a diamond anniversary, congratulations and all the best!
  113. To have made it through 60 years together is just incredible! My best wishes for a great anniversary!
  114. Wishing you a fantastic diamond anniversary and hoping you have many more happy years as loving husband and wife!
  115. Sending my happy and best wishes for your diamond anniversary! 60 years of marriage is long enough for anyone!
  116. Congratulations and my best wishes on reaching such an impressive milestone! I hope you have a wonderful day!
  117. You found true love with each other and as a result we are celebrating 60! years of that love! Congratulations and have a wonderful anniversary!
  118. Hugs and wishes on your big anniversary day! 60 years together is almost unbelievable, except when I see how happy you make each other it’s easy to believe! Congratulations!
  119. You have been my everything and after 60 years I’m just as in love with you as the day we first met! Happy anniversary darling!
  120. The last 60 years have flown by and every second with you has been like a dream! Thank you for making me the happiest and luckiest man alive over all those years!
  121. I can’t wait to spend another 60 years with you my love! Happy diamond anniversary and thank you for everything!
  122. I feel blessed to have found and then spent my life with someone as special as you! What I would have done otherwise I can’t even begin to think about! I love and cherish every moment I get to spend with you! Happy 60th anniversary my love!
  123. Happy diamond anniversary to the shining diamond in my life! You are my world and I’d be lost without you! I thank the stars that fortunate favored me when you came into my life! Since then every day has been filled with happiness and joy, all because of you!
  124. Happy 60th wedding anniversary to the love of my life! Even after all these years I’m still head over heels in love with only you! Here’s to so many more years of our love only growing stronger!
  125. When I married you I made the greatest decision of my life! I’ve since been blessed with a happiness I never knew possible and will be forever grateful for having you by my side! Happy 60th anniversary my true love!

Wedding anniversary: is an ideal event for appreciating your friends, companion, or anybody dearest to you for their commitment to a marriage. It’s likewise a day for praising the cheerful recollections that you have made together and lived respectively. A wedding anniversary is the festival of togetherness and the festival of an excursion of affection and sympathy. An obligation of marriage that keeps going and bears everyday hardship merits some appreciation. Each anniversary is an achievement accomplished for wedded couples. Everybody needs a couple of sweet expressions of profound respect for their endeavors, penances, and responsibilities. Wedding Anniversary wishes offer you the right phrasing thoughts to wish a couple on this uncommon day. Send your supplications alongside sweet anniversary messages to cause them to understand that you respect their bond and wish them joy. Wish them an incredible coexistence and cause them to feel honored that they have a particularly astonishing accomplice to impart their life to. May God favor everybody celebrating and make their life simpler than any time in recent memory. May individuals continue to fall head over heels for one another like never before and find new things to appreciate with one another. Cheers to everybody’s affection!

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