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Bike Quotes, Captions, Sayings, SMS, Status and Messages

A mountain bike is like your buddy! A road bike is your lover!


Do you ride a bike? or Do you enjoy riding your bike? If you said yes, this page will now be your favourite. Because it provides you with incredibly cool, swag, and best bike captions to use with your Instagram photos and videos of bike travel. These Instagram Bike Quotes can help you increase the number of likes and followers on your bike-riding images and videos.
You’ve arrived to the right page if you’re looking for catchy Bike Quotes for fresh bike photos. Here are 50+ of the greatest Instagram captions and quotes, including Biker Captions, Bike Riding Quotes, Scooty Captions, and more, to help all obsessive bike fans upload a post to Instagram with these best and cool biking captions.

Everyone crashes! Some get back on! Some don’t! Some can’t!

“Bike Quotes, Sayings, Status and Captions”

  1. A mountain bike is like your buddy! A road bike is your lover!
  2. Take the journey, soar like an eagle, there are so many roads to explore so little!
  3. Do not compete with anyone in the race of life! Compete with yourself!
  4. Families that race together stay together!
  5. What a glorious day to just ride!
  6. I Love My Bike More Than My GF!
  7. Death may have no master, but the bike is, most emphatically, not its slave!
  8. Run the race of life at your own pace!
  9. Drop the gear and disappear!
  10. To live is the rarest thing in the world! Most people just exist! That’s why we ride!
  11. Everyone crashes! Some get back on! Some don’t! Some can’t!
  12. Cheating is not an accident guys! Falling off a bike is an accident!
  13. I don’t ride a bike to add days to my life! I ride a bike to add life to my days!
  14. If you ride like there’s no tomorrow, there won’t be!
  15. Dirt is my makeup! Race fuel is my perfume!
  16. Everyone crashes! Some get back on! Some don’t! Some can’t!
  17. You do not need a therapist if you own a motorcycle, Any kind of motorcycle!
  18. Save the planet! Ride a bike!
  19. The best views are seen from inside the motorcycle helmet
  20. The day I learned to ride a bicycle is one of the most important days of my life.
  21. The more I learn about my people, the more I am loving my bike.
  22. You canโ€™t buy happiness but you can buy bikes and thatโ€™s kind of the same thing!
  23. Save some money, go for a ride!
  24. The awkward moment when you are on a bike and get hit by a car!! a parked car!
  25. A man without a woman is like a bird without a bike!
  26. It’s not a race! It’s a journey enjoy the moment!
  27. Bikes don’t leak oil they mark their territory!
  28. Life is short! So grip it and Rip it!
  29. If you don’t live for something you’ll die for nothing!
  30. Got in a wreck with a smart car today, its totaled! My bike is fine though!
  31. You can’t be sad while riding a bike!
  32. I enjoy going on motorcycle trips and stopping in small towns and enjoying drinks with the locals!
  33. A motorcycle is an independent thing!
  34. Why is it so hard to find an exercise bike with a nice little basket where I can put my nachos!
  35. Anybody can jump a motorcycle! The trouble begins when you try to land it!
  36. I’d risk the fall just to know how it feels to fly!
  37. Life may begin at 30, but it doesn’t get real interesting until about 150!
  38. Four wheels move the body! Two wheels move the soul!
  39. I just want to go riding, ignore stupid things and enjoy the freedom
  40. I got 99 problems and my bike helps me forget most of them.
  41. I donโ€™t really feel like going for a ride today. Said no motorcycle rider ever.
  42. no road is too long when you have good company
  43. Life may not be about your bike, but it sure help you get through it!
  44. Run the race of life set for you with all your very best!
  45. Don’t count laps! Make every lap count!
  46. The bullet doesnโ€™t need a horn, itโ€™s dugg, dugg is enough
  47. There are two types of people bikers and boring people
  48. There is only one thing bigger than the bullet, The pride of owning it
  49. Thereโ€™s two kinds of riders: Those who have crashed and those who will.
  50. Run the race of your life at your own pace!
  51. Don’t limit your challenges! Challenge your limits!
  52. You can’t buy happiness but you can buy bikes and that’s kind of the same thing!
  53. Dirt is for riding! Pavement is just to get you there!
  54. Two wheels move the soul!
  55. Why can’t a bike stand on its own! Because it is two-tired!
  56. Ride as much or as little, or as long or as short as you feel! But ride!
  57. Keep the paint up and the rubber down!
  58. Brains travel on two wheels.
  59. Itโ€™s not a new bike. Itโ€™s a new member of the family.
  60. My new bike feels so stunning that my eyes and my camera canโ€™t stop looking at it.
  61. My strong and controllable emotion is a new bike.
  62. New bike in the game. Magnificent to watch.
  63. Every bike has itโ€™s own part to play some give the thrill of speed, and some give the experience of royalty.
  64. I am looking for women drivers to rev my engine.
  65. I ride because it makes me move.
  66. Racing is life everything else is just waiting!

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